Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ball State Conquers Quest University

The Ball State men basketball team dominated Quest last night. Though the Kermodes where able to keep it close for much of the first half.

At the tip the Cardinals took the ball and scored but that did not stop Quest from coming back and eventually take a 18-15 lead. Though the Cardinals did go into the first break leading, the Kermodes stormed out to a 23-20 lead in the second quarter (they played four 10 minuet quarters).

But it was runs that pushed Ball State to the 104-61 victory. In the third State started with a 20-5 run that put the game pretty much out of reach leading 65-38. If it was not over then it was certainly over when they made another run, this time 12-0 and the score 88-50. Ball State would not let up and continued to pour on their surprising offense.

In other news, check out the photo of Quest's gym. People think that MAC arenas are not up to par. I am sure it is good for their school and I am not making fun of it, just comparing what US basketball has to our northern neighbors.

BSU will continue their trip tomorrow when they face Trinity. I expect much of the same as Ball State are heavy favorites.

*Photo from can read a full recap on their site as well.

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